What is Astronaut Icecream?

Hi guys! Welcome to my digital kitchen :). I am all about cooking for health and enjoyment. Particularly, food is cool when it feels like science- baking, brewing, and coffee drinks in particular. Hence the blog, Astronaut Icecream. I’ll be recording my experiments in the kitchen, doing my best to make food for me and C and anybody who’s hungry.

I have a few core principles for the blog which I am going to incorporate into the recipes- as I’m browsing on Pinterest (a lot, actually!), I see awesome looking food on fine china. Then, as I read how to make it, it takes like six hours and costs more than a typical grocery list. I want the food to be doable in your average kitchen, best of all with just stuff you have around.

I want the recipes to be healthy- if I post something that I wouldn’t be comfortable eating three times a day for a week, I’ll say so and I’ll say why :). In particular, I see a lot of talking about nutrition going on here, and I think that’s a good thing.

Lastly, I want the food to turn out great! I want to write like I’m in a classroom, showing how cool tricks in the kitchen can create fabulous foods.