The Art of Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries

A confectioner’s standard: dark, savory chocolate over a lightly chilled and refreshing berry. A treat that satisfies all from picky children to veteran connoisseurs. You might ask why bother writing this article, other… Continue reading

Tacos al Vulcán

First recipe back! Woo!!! I’ve been mulling over a theme for this blog, and really I’ve got nothing. Or maybe I have too much! I am an eclectic eater- a big fan of… Continue reading

I’m baaack!!!

After a long hiatus, I’m bring back Astronaut Icecream as a platform to share my growing culinary expertise! 🙂 In the interrim, I’ve worked as a barista, climbed Mount Fuji, and finished my… Continue reading

Instant pickles! (easy and homemade)

So, some background story- I went to a microbrewery here in Normal, Illinois. The burgers were really good, the buns were made in house, the cook did excellent work toward ‘medium-rare,’ plus it… Continue reading

It’s a BFD! Double Chocolate Pancakes

Have you ever had a taste for pancakes after the sun goes down? Perhaps wanted a scrambler under the light of the moon? Then you are going to love BREAKFAST FOR DINNER! This is like… Continue reading

Oh wonderful coffee drinks!

Coffee drinks are the best. Since it’s really hot out, I’ve been brewing iced coffee like a madman. Really, I always put ice in my coffee, but that’s beside the point. To make… Continue reading

The inaugural Astronaut Icecream post!

Well, friends- this is a cooking blog! I’ve been crafting delicious treats and sharing them on facebook. I would like other folks to be able to look at my work, and not to… Continue reading

Grill Cheese for Big Kids w/ Pico de Gallo

Who doesn’t love grilled cheese- It’s delicious, it’s easy, it tastes like childhood! So, me and C have been bringing back the grilled cheese with big kid twists. When I can, I like… Continue reading